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Shop Bona Fide Online!

COVID-19 has pushed our online store launch date a little sooner than we expected. When 2020 begun, we had planned to make that our goal for the year. But, now we are only a quarter of the way in and our Bona Fide Online Store is already LIVE for shoppers within Canada!

Launching Bona Fide Online has been such a huge step for us and we cannot be more excited about it. Opening our brick and mortar shop in Golden, BC back in June of 2019 was our first hurdle, but now all of you can join in on the shopping online. We have tons of amazing items for you to browse from candles, women’s clothing, kids clothing, purses, wallets and home items…the list goes on and on!

The last month has been dedicated to inputting product, gathering images, and customizing our new webpage. A lot of heart has gone into this project, and we are confident that what we have created will be a top notch service for our customers. We are so over the moon excited to expand our client base, and can offer our products and shopping experience CANADA WIDE!

Photos by Lolo and Noa Photography

We just can’t believe it’s finally here. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this project, from photography, web development, testing & everything in between. This is the beginning of an ongoing project and we’ll be adding more items as we go and developing a larger scale of product. We hope that you truly enjoy your shopping experience with Bona Fide Online. Happy shopping everyone!

XX, Morgan